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This is a story about little Bobo, who was the smallest little boy in the world. All the little girls and all the little boys were bigger than the little Bobo, and whenever the kids were sorting by the size, Bobo was the last in line. That's why little Bobo was very unhappy. His greatest wish was to no longer be the smallest boy in the world. That is why little Bobo one day went out in rain in order to grow bigger ... 这是关于小波波的故事,他是世上最小的小男孩。所有的小女孩和小男孩都比他个头大,无论何时孩子们按大小排序,小波波都排在最后。因此他非常不开心。小波波最大的愿望就是不再做世界上最小的男孩。有一天,小Bobo为了长大冲进了雨中……