Trois Francs Six Sous

作者:Clémence,Ottevaere等 2020-06-09 10:25:03

选送单位:Supinfocom School

During the second world war, a French farmer named Marcel hopes to see life again in the eyes of his mother, Josépha. She has been living in a vegetative state since the disappearance of her elder son. At the same time, he begins to help people affected by the war without actually knowing how much trouble he is going to get in. 在第二次世界大战期间,一位名叫马塞尔(Marcel)的法国农民希望在母亲乔塞法(Josépha)的眼中重见生机。打从大儿子失踪以来,她一直处于植物人的状态。同时,他开始帮助受战争影响的人们,全然不知自己将被卷进多少麻烦。