• The gold medal

    Title:《林海雪原》Tracks in the Snowy Forest

    Intro:该片是央视动漫集团精心策划的庆祝建党100周年的动画作品。本片以家喻户晓的故事《林海雪原》为蓝本,采用动画形式重现红色经典,将爱国主义、革命英雄主义的精神贯穿始终,用光辉的英雄形象和感人的故事情节,讴歌人民解放军战士在中国共产党领导下、在剿匪斗争中,坚定的信仰、不屈的意志、大无畏的革命精神,体现了中国共产党领导下的军爱民、民拥军的军民情深。 The series is an animation piece elaborately planned by CCTV Animation Group to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of The Communist Party of China. It is sourced from the well-known story Tracks in the Snowy Forest and adopts the animation format to reproduce the red classics. With brilliant heroic images and moving plots, the series adheres to the spirits of patriotism and revolutionary heroism throughout and eulogizes PLA soldiers’ determined faith, unyielding will and revolutionary spirit of fearless dedication under the leadership of the Communist Party of China during the bandit suppression to reflect reflect the inseparable deep connection of mutual cherishing and support between Chinese people and PLA army guided by CPC.

  • The silver medal

    Title:23号牛乃唐SUNNY GIRL NO.23


  • Bronze medal

    Title:《天眼归来第二季》Magic Eye Is Back

    Intro:《天眼归来第二季》是一部面向儿童的冒险与幻想题材的动画片,该片每集有22分钟,共624集(其中最后104集还有没播放)。《天眼归来》在央视少儿首播,取得了首播收视率1.7%的好成绩,网络平台上则由优酷网络独播,两个月时间点击量破亿。 天眼按约定返回地球,再次出现在香凌、武冠军等地球小伙伴的生活中,利用各种神奇道具帮助他们解决遇到的难题,实现他们的梦想。天眼在寻觅东西的同时,记录下了他和小伙伴们的点点滴滴,这是一段充满了欢笑,感动和惊喜的魔幻旅程。 "Magic Eye Is Back" is an animated film with adventure and fantasy for children. Each episode has 22 minutes and 624 episodes (the last 104 episodes have not been played). "Magic Eye Is Back" premiered on CCTV for children, and achieved a good result of 1.7% of the first broadcast ratings. On the network platform, it was broadcasted by Youku, and the number of hits exceeded 100 million in two months. Tianyan returned to Earth as agreed, and reappeared in the lives of small partners such as Xiangling and Wu Champion, using various magical props to help them solve their problems and realize their dreams. While searching for things, Tianyan recorded every bit of him and his friends. It was a magical journey full of laughter, emotion and surprise.

  • The gold medal

    Title:寻味房游记(Taste in house)

    Intro:这是一部可谓史无前例的科普动画短片。本片由袁隆平院士领衔,共有9位中国工程院农业学部院士,共同“动画参演”。本片采用的是“实拍+CG”的形式,通过袁隆平院士动画形象在一个中国家庭的小小“冒险旅程”,一路上展现了数十年来,中国在农业领域的伟大进步,致敬了以院士为代表的中国科研工作者。本片制作精良,立意宏大,形式新颖,内容感人,被各路微博大V自发进行转发,一度登上微博热搜第5位,现相关话题阅读量超过2亿,并得到了央视电影频道的专门报道。Exceptional and educational short film lead by an animated figure of Academician Yuan Longping. In addition, a total of 9 academicians from the Agricultural Department of the Chinese Academy of Engineering have also been “featured” in the animation. This film adopts the form of "real-life footages and CG". The narration follows Academician Yuan Longping embarking on a “little adventurous journey” in a home of a Chinese family. The milestones and achievements shown in the film reflect China's magnificent progress in agriculture in the past decades and pays tribute to scientific researchers who made this possible. The film is high quality, well-produced, meaningful, unique in presentation, and touching. It was liked and shared by many reputable Weibo influencers. The film soared up to number five on Weibo’s hot topic rank, and topics related to the film have been viewed more than 200 million times. It also featured in CCTV’s motion picture channel as a special report.

  • The silver medal

    Title:立秋 Untitled

    Intro:《立秋》是以末世的萧瑟感为基调述说着地球生物灭绝后的故事。在万物由生长到衰败的第一个时节——立秋,末世即将迎来凋零的寒冬。故事的开头为我们介绍了世界上最后一只活物蝈蝈,本以为影片展现的是这只蝈蝈独处末世中循环往复的枯燥日常,却至结尾处才发现一切都是已设计好的演出,蝈蝈反复不断地进行这段表演,而观众则是末世的主人——冰冷的机器人。 The ink animation Untitled tells story about a lifeless future after the global mass extinction. The protagonist is a male cricket. He is the sole surviving creature in the world, living in the natural environment created by robots, performing for those special audiences day by day. This film is an innovative combination of modern cutting-edge technology and traditional Chinese ink art, using the oriental charm of ink animation style to depict thedoomsday scene of mass extinction, that bring a very strong visual impact.

  • Bronze medal


    Intro:为了找回心爱的玩具,稻草人踏上冒险之旅。沿途光怪陆离,失乐园、移民潮、流水线、游行……他不停地向世界问着相同的问题,但总得不到回应。最终玩具还是回到了他的手上,而在他身上,变化已然发生。 Is there always an answer up there? In order to find his favorite toy, the little scarecrow started the adventure. Along the way,everything is strange to him. Lost paradise,immigration tide, assembly line, parade...He kept asking the world the same questions, but there was no answer.Finally, the toy was returned to him, but something different had taken place in him.

  • The gold medal

    Title:红船故事 The Story of the Red Boata

    Intro:根据黄亚洲长篇小说名作《红船》改编,用连环漫画的形式来诠释“红船”精神。编创历时三年,规模宏大,用10册共计900页多格连环画的篇幅生动艺术地再现了中国共产党的诞生历程。以现代绘画风格细致描绘了从1919年到1928年这十个春秋的中国革命史和一系列波澜壮阔的历史大事件。深情讴歌了一大批为国家和民族的救亡图存,为中国共产党的诞生和发展而上下求索、艰苦奋斗的伟大人物。 Adapted from the famous novel Red Boat, written by Huang Yazhou, this set of comic books encapsulated the Red Boat spirit in a special way. It took three years to finish this set of picture-story books. This series has ten volumes, amount to more than 900 pages, which demonstrates the history of CPC‘s founding in large-scale. It painted Chinese revolutionary history and eventful years in the decade from 1919 to 1928 in the modern painting style. It strongly praised the merits of Chinese pioneers, who had devoted themselves to save the nation from extinction and who had struggled for the foundation and development of CPC. The Story of the Red Book has won favorable awards.

  • The silver medal

    Title:《桂花男孩》《the fragrans boy》

    Intro:金秋西湖畔,女孩青苏艰难维持着药铺,一次机缘巧合,青苏将桂花放入一个木人心中,他幻化成男孩,为了报恩,桂花男孩进山采药,遇到了传闻中“妖狐”,却发现它是一只通晓药理的白狐,而这时瘟疫爆发,人们将怨恨投向妖狐,而被误解的桂花男孩背负着医者使命一路逆行苦苦寻找治病良方……故事发生在南宋杭州清河坊,以传统中医文化为背景,颂扬了中国人的“感恩与坚韧”的情感世界。In west lake, the girl blue Sue struggling in shahe, a coincidence, Sue will osmanthus into a wooden man with a heart, a boy, he magically change into in order to repay, osmanthus boy into the herbalism, met the rumor of "fox", only to find that it is a knowledge of pharmacology of arctic fox, and then an outbreak, people will resent to fox, And the boy of the osmanthus flower that be misunderstood is bearing the mission of the doctor all the way retrograde search for cure cure hard... The story takes place in Qinghefang, Hangzhou, in the Southern Song Dynasty, and celebrates the emotional world of "gratitude and resilience" of the Chinese people against the background of traditional Chinese medicine culture.

  • Bronze medal


    Intro:“一品芝麻狐”以中国经典神怪传说中的狐狸形象为蓝本,在保留动物整体造型的基础上,融合传统国画风格与现代动画形象设计原理,利用夸张的肢体比例,将其拟人化、卡通化,最终形成一个身体浑圆、四肢略显瘦小、拖着大尾巴的毛球形象。 作为《一品芝麻狐》系列漫画书的主角,这只名叫“芝麻”的小狐妖打破了人们普遍对“狐狸精”的固有印象。他表情呆萌、性格善良,在坎坷的求职之路上遇到各怀本领的朋友,历经磨难却总能转危为安。作品采用传统的水墨画风格,故事通过诙谐幽默的语言和引人入胜的情节展开,笑点密集又温暖治愈,传递出友善、和谐的正能量价值观。 凭借亲切、可爱的形象,以及符合现代审美的故事设定,“一品芝麻狐”曾荣获励德漫展“近年来最受欢迎的中国卡通形象”称号、国家新闻出版署“优秀原创动漫作品版权开发奖励计划”内容开发类铜奖、第二届星耀分享·虚拟明星时尚盛典中国虚拟人物最具商业价值奖、第十一届中国国际影视动漫版权保护和贸易博览会“动感金羊”优秀作品扶持计划“最佳漫画作品”奖等诸多荣誉奖项,并被评选为2020年度中国卡通形象营销大会“卡通形象营销类优秀作品”。

  • Title:冲破黑暗 Out of Darkness

    Intro:这是一个关于生活在永夜中的人们一次次飞向天空,只为能够冲破黑暗,寻找光明的故事。我们是来自上海视觉艺术学院2016级德稻动画班的第四小组,这部短片是我们的毕业作品。我们想借本片来表达对人类先驱者们的探索精神与勇气的敬意。本片前中期使用maya制作,后期使用UE4渲染。希望你们会喜欢我们的短片。It's a story about People who living in the eternal night, they fly to the sky again and again, trying to break through the darkness and find the light.

  • Title:医园Hospland

    Intro:故事讲的是一个父亲与绝症女儿的梦境,梦境中女孩和小丑父亲来到了名叫hospland的游乐园,小女孩经历了很多痛苦最终在魔术中爆炸。而梦醒了,父亲最终决定为女儿的快乐放弃了痛苦的治疗,让女儿度过人生最后最幸福的日子。In the dream, the girl and clown arrive at an amusement park called hospitalland. But the dream woke up, her father finally decided to give up the painful treatment for the daughter's happiness, let the daughter spend the last happy day of life.

  • Title:《奇食怪谈》A story of strange food

    Intro:在《奇食怪谈》中,有这么一家酒楼厨房里面的厨具都有生命,厨具们辛辛苦苦地替资本家老板干活,但是最后他们也是落得被压榨,被抛弃的下场。最后红色的巨人惩罚了罪恶的店老板,解救了被压迫厨具们。In 《A Story of Strange Food》,there is a restaurant where the kitchen utensils are alive. The kitchen utensils work hard and conscientiously for the capitalist boss, but in the end they are crushed and abandoned. Finally, the red giant punished the guilty shopkeeper and saved the oppressed kitchenware.

  • Title:Crunch

    Intro:Crunch 是一部科幻喜剧动画短片。故事从我们刚刚在宇航局上班不久的主角鲍勃的某天早上开始。这天是个大日子,宇航局的王牌飞行员山姆将独自驾驶宇航飞船探索宇宙,鲍勃是山姆的铁杆粉丝,他自然不会错过这个现场观看的机会。一切似乎都进展得非常顺利,然而在山姆将要成功进入太空的时候,一道突如其来的闪电击中了飞行中的飞船,随后飞船便在半空中消失得无影无踪,山姆也与地面完全失去了联系。鲍勃在这起事件中也不慎被反射的一缕闪电击中,所幸的是他没有像山姆那样消失。亲眼目睹这一切的鲍勃非常难过,他决定要找到神秘闪电的由来并调查山姆消失的原因,然而随着时间的推进,他需要面临一个更严重的问题,他的身体正在似乎在不断的变大! The story starts with the morning of a little, short guy named Bob who just starts working in the space agency. When watching the spaceship launching, Bob is hit by a bolt of mysterious lightning and starts to grow bigger. But there seems no way to stop...


    Intro:A dog gets abandoned on the side of the road. Attached to a street light, he stays alone until the day he meets a young astronaut wannabe and a professional cyclist who keeps on trying to beat her highest score.

  • Title:钟馗


  • Title:空房间 Empty Room

    Intro:一对幸福的年轻夫妻打算买房子结婚。他们的交易对象是妻子父亲曾经的同事。去看房子的那天,他们了解到房子的过往。那是一段破碎的婚姻:他们一边抛弃一边怀念;想忘记对方,却希望对方记住自己。 A happy young couple plan to bought a house to get married.They traded with a former colleague of the wife's father. On the day they went to see the house, they learned about its past。 It was a broken marriage:They abandon and miss,Want to forget each other, but hope each other to remember yourself.

  • Title:《目中光》

    Intro:作品名称:《目中光》 作者:时代 指导教师:孙立军 张丽 何澄 李剑平 曹小卉 陈静晗 王玉琴 彭擎政 装帧方式:线装 简装 印刷方式:喷墨印刷 书籍尺寸:153mm258mm13mm 年代:2020

  • Title:《爱笑的宝宝》The Laughing Baby

    Intro:儿童医疗中心收治了一名只有两个月大的宝宝小兰,她全家都不幸感染了新冠病毒!孩子太小,还不会表达,又见不到爸爸妈妈,怎么办?护士妈妈们总能想出好办法…… The Women & Children’s Medical Center admitted a two-year-old patient, baby Xiao Lan. Her whole family were unfortunately infected with the COVID-19. Xiao Lan is too young to express herself. And her parents are separately treated in another hospital. How could medics deal with this little baby? Don’t worry. The nurse and doctor moms always have a method.